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Code of Ethics worksheet.  Worksheet designed to understand a code of ethics Do some research and find a code of ethics publis


Code of Ethics worksheet. 

Worksheet designed to understand a code of ethics

Do some research and find a code of ethics published by some organization or company representing your chosen major, Human Resource Management. Then complete the attached worksheet: Be sure to answer all questions. 

This worksheet will be evaluated using the attached grading table. Please use this to your advantage to check your work prior to submitting.

Hello. I wanted to give a bit of guidance for the Code of Ethics Worksheet assignment that is due at the end of Week 2. 

For this assignment, you will need to download the template for the Code of Ethics Worksheet.  You can find it here:

Code of Ethics Worksheet Final.docx

Once you have downloaded it, you can simply fill in the spaces under each question.  The document expands so feel free to write as much as you want.  Pick a company or institution in your chosen career field and look at their code of ethics. Some potential options are provided in the readings for this week, but I want to emphasize that you are free to pick any company or institution you want – so long as it has a code of ethics.  Include the name of the institution and the URL for their published code of ethics.  Then talk about some of its key points and why you chose it. 

For the third question, think broadly about what values you see guiding the key points made in the code of ethics.  What, in your opinion, are some of the key ideas that the code of ethics is trying to enforce and how does it goes about trying to ensure compliance with them?

As to the fourth question, look at what you think might be missing in your chosen code of ethics.  For example, does it take into account matters like racial or gender equity?  Is it fully applicable to all situations that might arise in the type of business or activity it is in or are there glaring loopholes?  Do you think it adequately applies to everyone at the institution, or does it allow executives a kind of free hand to do whatever they want?  Those are the types of questions to explore on that particular question.

I really want to emphasize the question about how the code of ethics you explore ties in with one or more of the ethical theories we discussed last week.  Please spend some time thinking about that.  It is crucial to incorporate evidence from the course materials (particularly on the ethical philosophies) into your answer to this question. 

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this assignment. 


Select a company or organization from the approved list (see the lesson resources) and provide the name and URL for the published code of ethics:

Briefly describe in 3-6 sentences why you made this selection (see if you can dig deep and uncover your feelings about what attracted you to this one in particular):

Briefly detail five values you see reflected in the code and be sure to explain the value and your rationale:

Discuss whether you can outline a situation where this code may not apply. If not explain why you feel this code covers all situations you might encounter in your desired occupation:

Finally, discuss which moral theory or theories you see reflected in the code:

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