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Course: Media Coverage of Sports Major: Public Relations Topic: ‘Athletes Supporting Activism’ against Racial injustice, Coro

Course: Media Coverage of Sports

Major: Public Relations

Topic: "Athletes Supporting Activism" against Racial injustice, Coronavirus, Politics, etc. (Anything that demands public attention). 

Kyrie Irving Vaccination, Simone Biles Olympic Trial Racism, Jonathan Isaac vaccination, Sha'carri Richardson Suspension, etc. & any other examples.

Instructions are attached in files.


DUE: By Sunday, December 14

Length: 16-18 pages plus bibliography; 11 or 12 font, one inch margins, double-spaced.

Citations: Minimum of 30, with at least three interviews – use a mix of books, journal articles, trade publications, newspapers, interviews, etc. You can use Internet sources, but minimize them. Items from research databases do not count as Internet sources.

You must have a bibliography or you will fail! Please use APA, MLA, or other reputable citation style. Just be consistent with in-text citations and bibliography.

Stylistically, I’ll look for include organization, flow, writing skills, introduction and all requisite components and significance to sports journalism. Additionally, the paper needs to be free from grammatical and spelling errors. The writing should be clear and understandable and the citations/reference list must be complete.

Make sure you tie final paper into class issues – scandals in sport, social, political, economic, legal issues – address the big picture! Include historical context and future significance.

Depending on your topic, make sure you describe the issue in full. Who is involved and why it’s an issue? Does a pre-existing policy stand? If yes, is it working? (Why or why not)?

Explain why the topic was selected. Do you have any personal experience or first-hand knowledge? Make sure you stress the significance. You must have a purpose statement in the introduction. Give an overview of your project also. You can be creative – this doesn’t have to be strictly a research paper, but it has to use research as evidence.

What has been done on your topic before? What does your paper add? In the body of your paper, also expand your topic and research. Identify all points of consideration depending on the topic (coach, athlete, journalist, administrator, fan). What kind and amount of data are available to support this issue? How valid is it? List any people you consulted for information and those can be cited as sources.

What are some solutions or implications? Consider financial, legal, social, political impact. If ideas are being applied or suggested, discussion needs to include why you think these ideas are good and justified.

Specify if there is information or research missing that would help in your final solution or that you’d recommend. This can be in the conclusion. The conclusion should also wrap up everything and give your reader something to think about.

All topics and approaches will be different, however, I want to give you some guidelines. Make sure you have a cohesive paper with a strong introduction, substantive body, and provocative conclusion. Evidence is key! Sources are vital. Let me know if you have additional questions. This is a major part of your grade and I want all of you to do well! I will post samples of final papers on Canvas in ensuing weeks.

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