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EDIT THIS MY PAPER,  THE PAPER IS ABOUT THE MOVIE SELMA The Emergence of the Civil Rights Movement The Civil Rights Movement


The Emergence of the Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement dominated theUnited States for a very long time due to various causes. The Selma filmdepicts the causes and effects of the movement across the United States since1965 (King). The Civil Rights Movement emerged due to economic, social, andpolitical segregation of black people, discrimination, and denial of civilrights by the white government. It led to the consideration of AfricanAmericans in the economic, social, and political America.

Causes of the Civil Rights Movement

According to the film, African Americanswere seeking their right to vote during an election in the U.S. As depicted inthe film, the thematic cause of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. is that theblack Americans, led by Martin Luther King, were seeking their voting rights(King). Selma demonstrates how Martin Luther King led other African Americansin the campaign for their rights as Americans (King). He had a great influencein insisting on their relevance as Americans to the American government, throughwhich they expected to gain their voting rights.

Discrimination of African Americans wasanother cause of the Civil Rights Movement. The Selma film shows how blackswere segregated in social, economic, and political life (King 466- 485). Itshows how Martin Luther King struggled to establish equality among allAmericans by fighting racial discrimination.

            Economic discrimination involvedsituations where they were denied job opportunities, wages, and salaries by thewhites. In cases that they would work, they were handled like slaves. It meansthey were exposed to working for the whites who oppressed them by denying themwages (Andrene and Johns). The black people had an oppressive history wherethey were exposed to slavery and harsh working conditions.

            In terms of social equality, blackpeople were viewed as criminals by other Americans. It means they were deniedparticipating in social gatherings such as religion-based groupings and othersocial interactions (Andrene and Johns). The American government usuallyentailed white leaders who never gave the black people a chance to articulatetheir grievances concerning their discrimination.

            In terms of religion, the blackpeople were denied access to religious centers as they were seen as abnormal orirrelevant by the whites. Although the whites denied the black Americans tovisit religious centers, they used religion to curb racial discrimination(Andrene and Johns). The Selma film communicates Martin Luther Kings struggleto urge American religious leaders to embrace humanity and seek equality.

            Even today, African Americans havefewer chances of participating in sports and recreational activities. TheAfrican Americans were on the streets, demonstrating against regulating their participationin social activities such as games and sports (Andrene and Johns). It was alsoimpossible for black Americans to engage in recreational activities such assurfing, Halloween, and reveling due to restrictions by the American government(Andrene and Johns). The police could arrest the black people whenever theyindulged in entertainment, recreation, or sports.

            On the other hand, politicaldiscrimination involved a lot of cases. Not only did it entail denial of votingrights, but also political assassinations. Discrimination of black peopleinvolved the death of black activists killed by police and other assassins(Andrene and Johns). Selma depicts how the white government ignores assistingthe black people in attaining their rights as Americans. The activistsinfluenced other black Americans to demonstrate against their segregation.

 Political discrimination also involved thegovernments role in providing education to black people. Among other publicservices, the black people were denied access to education and health (Andreneand Johns). After many complaints, the government allowed black people to accesspublic schools with inadequate learning facilities (Andrene and Johns). On theother hand, American scholars were allowed to enroll in schools with adequateand good facilities (Andrene and Johns). This discrimination also involved denialof opportunities to join highly ranked colleges and universities in the USA.

The Effects of the Civil RightsMovement

            The impacts of the Civil RightsMovement could be observed across the United States as the black people ceaseddemonstrations after the government decided to pass some laws that favoredthem. However, the impact was not only political but also social and economic.

One political effect of the Civil RightsMovement was that black people were granted their voting rights. In 1964, theAmerican government initiated the Civil Act that granted freedom to blackAmericans (Andrene and Johns). It means that African Americans wouldparticipate in the United States national elections (Andrene and Johns). Thisconstitutional right enabled the black people to enjoy and take part inpatriotic activities like white citizens.

Another political effect of the CivilRights Movement is that it weakened racial discrimination in the United Statesgovernment. One of the historical ways it reduced discrimination against blacksis the election of Barrack Obama for the presidency in 2013. Barrack Obama enjoyedbetween 3% to 14% of presidential polls from Southern to Northern polls (Ehrlinger). It means that Obamasecured lots of polls from the whites despite being black.

African Americans were granted the rightto access education by the government. The African American youth would accesspublic schools. Although the government prohibited racial discrimination inschools, there were consistent black female suspensions from schools. Forexample, the rate of female suspension had reached six times as compared to thecase of girls from other races (Andrene and Johns). In 2016, the probability ofsuspension of black students was 3.8 compared to white students (Andrene andJohns). The efforts by the government in providing education for black studentsalso steered racial segregation in schools.

Moreover, the Civil Rights Movement led toequal recognition of different groups. The Selma film represents the thematicchange after the Civil Rights Movement materialized. The blacks are nowconsidered normal human beings despite being the minority group (Andrene andJohns). This is a true depiction of how the white government prohibited socialand racial discrimination and ignited equality among American citizens.

Currently, both majority and minoritygroups.  Such groups entail the LGBTQcommunity, people living with disabilities, women, and immigrants enjoy equalrecognition in America since 1965 (Andrene and Johns). In schools, forinstance, the black students occupy 15% of the student population, as disabledstudents occupy 24% of the American student population (Andrene and Johns).This rate of equality among black and white Americans is a tangible effect ofthe efforts of the Civil Rights Movement.

Mostimportantly, African-Americans were granted access to job opportunities. Black peoples access tojob opportunities and other economic activities enabled them to exploit theirskills and capabilities to earn a living (Andrene and Johns). According to adepiction by the film, the black people celebrated the freedom they had beenbegging for for years. Access to natural resources marked the end of economicslavery for black Americans.

Although the government lifted racialdiscrimination in the American economic sector, low-income people are stillsuffering the menace as they cannot afford to buy justice. Finally, fundingactivities such as school financing, investment in artwork, and diet are stilla recurrent issue in the United States where the minority groups cannot meetsuch needs.



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