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In this case-based project, students will apply feminist science studies to a real world example. Individuals will select a


In this case-based project, students will apply feminist science studies to a “real world example.” Individuals will select a public text related * to science and gender, race, or sexuality (or all 3): a media story about sex differences in a particular health condition; a career mentoring program for women of color scientists; a graphic medicine memoir; the CDC site on LGBT health—the possibilities are limitless

Part B: Analytic essay (2500 words) evaluating the resource for an audience of GWST scholars

Introduction that:

• Describes the public text (including a link to it)

• Includes a statement of your argument/thesis & a preview of the paper’s organization. The argument/thesis should clearly state your evaluation of the resource

Body that accomplishes two purposes:

• Explains the parameters for your evaluation (from GWST coursework or elsewhere, clearly cited)

• Provides evidence in support of your argument/thesis

Conclusion that:

• Draws conclusions and makes recommendations about the utility of the resource for GWST scholars (your peers and GWST professors) – the ‘so what’ question

Part C: A short op-ed (1000-1250 words) explaining the analytic essay to an audience of


Think of this like an editor’s introduction to a journal article (Part B being the journal article) –

What are the most important parts of the argument in Part B for scientists (social scientists,

basic researchers, clinical researchers, etc.)? You are an expert, and your task with Part C is to

convince an audience of scientists that they should modify, supplement, change their practices

based on the evaluation provided in Part B. Therefore, Part C must be connected to Part B.

* Text = the resource you’re evaluating

Criteria A-level qualities B-level qualities C-level qualities

D/F-level qualities

Focus (25) Paper is clearly

organized around a

single, narrow topic

and retains focus

throughout. Main

points are clear and

relate to larger

argument. Paper stays

closely on track.

Paper has a clear

topic, but focus

could be a little

tighter. Gets off

track or main points

do not relate to

larger argument.

It takes work for

the reader to fish

out the main

point or there are

a number of

points vying for

the main spot.

There is no evident main




Paper makes an

original argument

about the text,* and in

so doing, offers a fresh

contribution to the

conversation of the

course. Argument is

interesting and novel.

Thesis statement is

clear, concise, and


Paper makes an

original argument

about the reading.

Argument is clear

but could be more

innovative. Thesis is

logical but could be

further refined.

Paper may merely

summarize the

text. Thesis

statement is not

well written

and/or illogical.

Paper provides

too much

summary and too

little original


There is no argument.

Content (30) Demonstrates


engagement with the

text. Makes strong

connections with

course content,

illustrating a critical

grasp of the course

material. Examples

and evidence make

sense and are used to

illuminate writer’s


Demonstrates solid

understanding of the

text, and makes

connection to course

content. Examples

and evidence are

clear, but their use


writer’s original


Shows evidence



the text or course

content. Too

many or too few

examples, or

evidence does not

relate clearly to

the argument.

Clear misunderstanding

the text or course

content. Makes little or

no connection with the

course content.

Writing /



Clear organization that

flows easily from idea

to idea. Writing is

vivid and engaging.

Meets length

requirement. Citations

are correct.

Organized logically.

Meets length


Citations are

generally correct.

Organization is

unclear. Writing

contains typos

and shows a clear

lack of thought

and effort. Meets



Citations are


Little discernable

organization. Writing

contains typos and shows

a clear lack of thought

and effort. Does not meet

length requirement.

Citations are missing.

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