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need to do Journal Entry Make it in the perspective of Pat Garrett in the 1800s and give dates and show what he does in his dai

Only need to do Journal Entry (at least 500 words) – 40% Make it in the perspective of Pat Garrett in the 1800′s and give dates and show what he does in his daily life while also showing what he is thinking in some of his major moments. 

Research Project: Journeys West What motivated thousands of people to journey west during the 1800s?


By the end of this activity, you will be able to:

● Evaluate and gather information from a first-person narrative. ● Analyze, interpret, and synthesize primary sources such as photographs, prints, journals

and maps to understand a point of view through online primary sources.

● Integrate multiple resources to develop an understanding of westward expansion.

Overview: You will choose one person from the list below for conducting an in-depth study

using the Library of Congress online collections. You will work individually to create a journal

entry, a timeline, and an Instagram profile for the individual that you chose. You must also

include an MLA format works cited page, including all of the documents you used to


Project Requirements (Journal entry, timeline, and works cited should all be submitted on the same Google Doc)

Journal Entry (at least 500 words) – 40%

● The information in the journal should be as realistic as possible. Maintain the perspective of your chosen figure from the time and place of Westward Expansion,

essentially all of the 1800s.

● The purpose of the journal is to reveal information about typical daily life. Use examples that will teach you about life along these overland trails, as well as the

settlements they end up in.

● Include realistic elements such as names, clothing, food, shelter, and specific information about a person’s daily life in a particular social class.

● The journal should also include information about how geography (location) affected daily life.

● All of this information should come from real testimonials or journals from people who journeyed westward and you must use in-text citations.

Instagram Google Slides Page – 40%

● The purpose of this is to visually tell the story of an individual who traveled to the American West.

● Must include 3 primary source photographs from the Library of Congress archives. ○ These images do not have to be specifically of your chosen figure, nor do

they need to line up with the exact year of your narrative. The only

requirements are that they are photographs taken in the 1800s, and they

help illustrate a story you are trying to tell.

● Must include 1 primary source map from the Library of Congress Archives. ○ This can be any map from the 1800s that shows either the whole journey

your figure traveled or one specific town or place they ended up in.

● You must create creative captions and comments that help tell the story of the journey westward.

● Additionally, you must create a unique profile page for the individual you chose to tell the story of the journey. The additional images that fill the page can be modern

photos and do not need to be cited but must be appropriate in telling the story of

those who traveled westward.

● You will be given an Instagram template you can use.

Timeline – 10%

● This can be a bulleted list. It has to be a minimum of 10 specific/detailed points (dates, geographic locations, etc.) on the journey from the eastern United States to

the Western United States that explain the route and time it took to make the journey

(if taking on the role of someone not from the United States, you must see me first.)

You may also make the timeline about the person’s life in general; however, you must

still include some bullets specifically about their journey to the American West.

Works Cited – 10%

● Must be MLA format (use Noodletools or

● Must include at least 6 primary sources (at least 3 photographs, 1 map, and two text documents). These must come from the Library of Congress Sites (unless otherwise

approved by me).

● Minimum of 3 secondary sources (websites, articles, books, etc…)

Potential Individuals you may want to use as the subject of your project.

● Timothy O’Sullivan – Explorer and photographer ● Edward S. Curtis – Photographer and ethnologist ● John C.H. Grabill – Miner in Colorado and photographer in South Dakota ● John C. Fremont – Explorer ● John Muir – Explorer ● Kit Carson – Mountain man ● James Beckwourth – A formerly enslaved, mixed-race fur trader, and explorer ● Nat Love – A former slave, turned cowboy after the Civil War ● Biddy Mason – Born a slave, brought to California then got her freedom and became

very successful

● Clara Brown – A former slave from Virginia who became a community leader, philanthropist and aided settlement of former slaves during Colorado's Gold Rush

● Mary Ellen Pleasant – A successful 19th-century American entrepreneur, financier, real estate magnate

● Elizabeth Thorn Scott Flood – African American educator and activist in California ● Brigham Young – Mormon ● Jane Manning James – One of the first African-American woman to enter Utah, also

a Mormon

● Lewis Carstairs Gunn and Elizabeth LeBreton Gunn – Abolitionists and gold miners ● James W. Marshall – An American carpenter and sawmill operator, who reported the

finding of gold at Coloma on the American River in California on January 24, 1848

● Wyatt Earp – An American Old West lawman and gambler ● Pat Garrett – An American Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent ● Ezra Meeker – Oregon Trail pioneer ● Red Cloud ● Sitting Bull ● Geronimo ● Crazy Horse ● Black Beaver


THIS LIST. I may even add more as I come across them. If you find someone you would

like to use, please run it by me first.

Project Links

These are the main websites where you will conduct your research:

● Library of Congress ● Library of Congress – Digital Collections ● Library of Congress – American Memory: Remaining Collections

Below are some links that might help you research for this project, but you can find more

collections and documents at the links above.

1. Photographs

2. Maps

3. Federal Writers Project

4. Native Americans

5. Native Americans and other images of the west

6. Travels in America, 1750 to 1920

7. California as I Saw It

8. Pioneering the Upper Midwest

9. Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera

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