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Please discuss the different services each CDN provider offers to its subscribers. Other Providers (For Example Microsoft Az


On Responses Need to Focus on:

  • Please discuss the different services each CDN provider offers to its subscribers. Other Providers (For Example Microsoft Azure, Akamai, Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud front, Cloudflare, Edge Cast)
  • Do any of the CDN providers have industry-specific services?
  • Be specific with your comments and provide credible support for your opinions.


  • Need 8 Responses to other student initial posts (Use uploaded Document to see Other Students Initial Posts).
  • Need minimum 250 words for each response.
  • Need 2 APA References for each response (Use 2015 and above resources)
  • No Plagiarism please

Initial Post 1:

Cloud services are the process of outsourcing software programs that are hosted by a third party and users can access the programs from wherever they are, and they don’t have to worry about services such as storage and power supply (Copeland, Soh, Puca, Manning, & Gollob, 2015). Before cloud computing, the business operations were complicated and expensive as they had to employ IT experts to install, secure, test, and run as well as updating the software and hardware of the computer systems. There are numerous providers of cloud computing services in the market, but in this paper two of the CDN providers will be discussed on each provider’s service, the major differences outlined and identify the one that can work best for hosting a real estate company.

Amazon CloudFront: This is a content delivery service working in conjunction with other web services of Amazon and offers developers who distribute content to end-users with a simple means to do so. Organizations that deal with large file content and high response times would, to a large extent, need this service to be able to distribute the content to a large number of users (Varia, & Mathew, 2014). Amazon CloudFront is widely used by website developers who need to distribute large volumes of files that need to solve a storage capacity problem with necessarily having to add infrastructure elements a process known as scale-up. It provides a high-speed data transfer, low latency, and it charges on a pay as you go pricing hence can help reduce costs and improve the performance of a website.

Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure previously called Windows Azure is a public computing platform run by Microsoft and provides a wide range of cloud services including storage, networking, computations, and analytics (Copeland, Soh, Puca, Manning, & Gollob, 2015). In the public cloud, users can choose either of the services and develop or scale new or run existing applications.

Microsoft Azure offers eighteen Azure products and services which include; compute, web, data storage, analytics, networking, media and CDN, Hybrid integration, identity and access management, internet of things, development, security, artificial intelligence and machine learning, containers, databases, DevOps, migration, mobile, and management. Azure pricing and costs are pocket friendly and they charge on a pay as you go model which is on the basis of usage. In some cases, there may be multiple pricing tiers if there is a single application that uses more than one Azure services (Copeland, Soh, Puca, Manning, & Gollob, 2015). However, Microsoft offers discount if there is a user who commits to use a particular service(s) for a long-term period which is the major difference between Microsoft Azure and Amazon CloudFront.

For hosting a real estate company which is located on the East Coast of the United States, Microsoft Azure would work best since it provides a wide range of products and services which will be of help to the company in ensuring its properties reach the wide market the real estate companies serve. More so, the CDN provider operates on a global scale, and Microsoft also runs Azure data centers in different regions across the world to ensure availability. Azure offers data back up and disaster recovery services; hence, the real estate company can opt to run all their business applications on Azure instead of having local servers and storage simultaneously. The real estate company can share the specifications of the properties they are selling to potential customers across the world.

Initial Post 2:

The amount of digital content is rising due to the electronics technical development. To ensure this digital multimedia content available to globally distributed population Content Distribution Networks (CDN)are used. CDN’s are a system of servers called as points of presence are geographically distributed to deliver web pages and web content. The server nearest to the user is considered as edge server. It ensures quick and efficient delivery of web content without much interruption so that user has better experience with the websites (Plagemann, T., etal, 2006).

There are different CDN providers in the market and each and every provider has its own pros and cons. In this discussion post I would like to talk about the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud front CDN Providers. The Amazon cloud front Content distribution network is a feature of Amazon web Services, therefore supports heavy weight operations. CloudFront includes many advanced features with an option of customizing them as per need basis for example we can enable automatic GZip compression to increase the speed. Cloud front is highly configurable with in-depth analytics and with just a click where it provides all the information of the visitor’s device, OS. It also has a feature of notifications to alert data transfer usage and the performance is good. It focusses on public cloud rather than private or hybrid cloud. The cons are that it is little expensive than compare to other CDN in the market. Another drawback is that it is not very user friendly and requires technical individuals as control panel is intimidating (Johnson, C., 2017).

The Microsoft Azure CDN is an answer for the requirement of Microsoft integration. It is spread diversely with great performance and scalability. It offers different plans like Akamai, standard and premium Verizon. It decreases the load times and enhances speed. It works best for the organization which use Microsoft technologies and tools as this greatly integrates with focus on hybrid cloud which gives it more weightage.

According to me I Think Microsoft Azure will be best for a company at East Coast. From the price wise I think Microsoft will cost cheap than Amazon. Azure offers more than average performance when compare to Amazon which gives average performance. Though both are not user friendly, but Microsoft will help the company as it integrates well with Microsoft services. Microsoft azure is one of the ideal CDN to stream media which makes it suitable for a real estate company that involves in streaming videos.

Initial Post 3:

Amazon Cloud Front is a substance conveyance arrange (CDN) offered by Amazon Web Services. Content conveyance systems give an all-around appropriated system of intermediary servers that store content, for example, web recordings or other massive media, all the more locally to customers, therefore improving access speed for downloading the substance (Hashem, Yaqoob, Anuar, Mokhtar, Gani, & Khan, 2015). In recent days premises no longer struggle due to server rooms and networking. Network providers can invest heavily in some new software and hardware and global networking infrastructure and it is through this that they can obtain some market shares.

There exists a healthy competition that wins customers and consumers. Google cloud certification includes data engineer suite administrator and cloud architect. Amazon clod front certifications include sysops administrator, developer, solutions architect and develops engineer. (Wang, Jayaraman, Ranjan, Mitra, Zhang, & Georgeakopoulos, 2015). Service providers conducted a survey that shows that amazon cloud is still leading since they were the first ones to come up with the shape of the cloud computing industry. However, there was research that indicated that even though it is the amazon that rules in all the public clouds, by the year 2017 google cloud platform was doing quite well. PaaS market came up with a list that compared the services providers.

Amazon web services had annual revenue of $18.34 billion, its percentage in the market was 51% and its year over year growth was 42%. google cloud platform had annual revenue of $2.05%, its percentage in the market was 6% and the year over year growth was 125% (Shackelford, 2015). Therefore google cloud platform consists of various solutions and services that give them the ability to use common hardware’s and software’s which are used by Google for their products, for instance, the Gmail and the YouTube and through this they were able to come up with their first google app engine. Google cloud platform products include google container engine, google storage, google app engine, google cloud Cdn, google cloud DNS, google cloud functions, google cloud data store, google clod big table among others.

Amazon web services were launched to come up with some computing services to be introduced into businesses and individual life in the year 2006. They offer different services and solutions and is known to have made some way for cloud computing (Persico, Montieri, & Pescapè,2016). Their products include Amazon Route 53, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Front, AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon EC2 Container Service.

Among the big brands that are utilizing amazon include Netflix, NASA, time Inc., Lamborghini, and Expedia. Since Amazon EC2 was launched six years earlier than google (Xiong, Thenkabail, Gumma, Teluguntla, Poehnelt, Congalton, & Thau,2017). Therefore, it can provide services to bigger brands and therefore can be used in hosting a real estate company since it has a relatively fair price and features and its performance is more efficient compared to the other cloud. The kind of capacity and circles utilized by a cloud supplier have a significant influence, as they directly affect execution, for example, anticipated throughput, max IOPs per volume/occasion, and the capacity to blast limit with regards to brief occasions (MacCarthaigh, 2018). There are two essential sorts of capacity alternatives when you think about Google versus AWS, square stockpiling and item stockpiling.

Initial Post 4:

The invention of cloud computing service in the year 2007 has shaken the information and communication technology in a big way. The cloud computing service has seen remarkable growth in the amounts of data processed and stored (Foster & Gannon, 2017). Also, the security of data has been enhanced in the sense that data stored in the clouds is less vulnerable to infusion and manipulation. As a consequence, therein, there has been the emergence of various Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers such as Google Cloud and Amazon CloudFront that have leveraged the clouding space to host servers, provide data and deliver webpages to service providers to clients. However, in the case of a real estate company looking for a service provider, Amazon CloudFront would be the best company to offer the services.

Google cloud is a Webhosting cloud service managed and run by Google. Software developers and application companies can use to access cloud services depending on their geographical locations. It is important to point out that the closer the servers to a user, the higher the speed of uploading and downloading data from the cloud (Greenstein, Peitz & Valleti, 2016). Google Cloud offers a wide range of services, such as big data analytics that entails the collection of data to derive meaningful results. Also, Google Cloud offers artificial intelligence services to customers. AI is responsible for leveraging data to analyze situations and make decisions on behalf of a user.

On the other hand, Amazon CloudFront can be regarded to be the best option for a real estate company operating not only in the United States of America but also from any geographical location in the world. The speed of the internet is a major factor when it comes to choosing the appropriate cloud computing services provider (Hogan & Shepherd, 2015). Amazon Cloud front has incredible high-speed services that can enable a real estate company to host its website on the internet. Besides, clients are able to view the prices of land, the location of properties and read the latest news on prime property. Besides, a real estate company is able to upload videos of its properties to the internet faster and without the fear of limited space. Notably, clients are able to download multiple and bulky data from a company’s website with lower downtime.

The other important factor that makes Amazon CloudFront more appropriate cloud computing service provider than Google Cloud is the cost. Amazon provides clients with relatively lower prices for purchasing cloud space, webhosting and proxy servers hosting (Lehr et al., 2019). In comparison with CDN companies such as Google Cloud, Amazon CloudFront enjoys charges clients on the space and services they use on a model known as Pay-As-You-Go. It is important to note that Amazon CloudFront has servers strategically located in most parts of the United States of America and in all contents. Therefore, real estate companies can download data faster and cheaply on Amazon CloudFront.

Initial Post 5:

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of delivering the content to the end-users with the help of proxy servers and their data centers. The objective of this distributed network is to provide a higher level of availability and performance to the end-users. An end-user receives the content developed by a user only when they pay to the CDN operators. A CDN typically provides all types of services such as live streaming, software download, mobile and web content, cloud intelligence, and analytics. CDN nodes are placed at multiple locations so that the users can access it any time from any part of the world.

The two organizations that I have chosen as the CDN providers are

· Microsoft Azure

· Akamai

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that also provides the service of CDN. The company first launched the platform as windows azure and later in 2014 changed the name to Microsoft azure. Azure is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Microsoft Azure provides the services of data storage, data management, computing, and networking. The time required for a query search in the Microsoft cloud the platform is 34.79 ms.

Akamai Technologies is one of the oldest CDN providers. The organization was founded in 1998 and has served many clients like Twitter, Facebook, Sky, and Fox, CNN and BBC, Bing, and Nintendo. Akamai is said to be one of the largest and intelligent cloud platforms which have the most significant number of servers and spread across 110 countries. In 2005 Akamai become stronger by acquiring the competitor Speedera (Akamai Technologies, Inc.,2009). Akamai has a very close relationship with the google cloud platform and has a private edge which is done for the betterment of both the parties. The time required for a query search in Akamai CDN is 34 ms.

Akamai is less expensive and easily accessible as it has an extensive network and the prices for various data packages are less and affordable. Azure does not support a Video on Demand (VoD) service while Akamai helps in providing VoD. RMTP streaming is not provided by Microsoft azure while it is provided by Akamai (B. D. Davison.,2009). Microsoft Azure has its own data storage platform, which is free, while Akamai provides data storage to the users with some amount of money. Origin Shield which is an extra layer available in the CDN to reduce the load on the server is not available for Microsoft Azure while it is a paid service for Akamai. Akamai is a more secured CDN than the Microsoft azure as Akamai has most of the SSL, wildcard SSL, shared SSL and custom SSL even though some of them are paid services.

Akamai CDN provider would be the best CDN for hosting a real estate company located on the East Coast of the US-based on all the qualities. Akamai provides maximum features all over the world as it is the oldest and most extensive network in the world and has all the apt features which are essential for a real estate company. A real estate content provider must be dynamically, and Akamai is one such CDN that can deliver the content continuously. There are many CDN providers other than the Akamai, but the fault tolerance capacity is higher in the Akamai CDN server because it has many proxy servers.

Initial Post 6:

Most of the businesses today are moving towards cloud computing which paved the way for cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, Akamai, Google Cloud Platform, VMWare, etc. The ease of data accessibility anywhere anytime, reduced cost of infrastructure, secure and easy maintenance paved way for the industry to move towards cloud computing. The important factors to be considered while choosing different cloud service providers are environmental and organizational specifications, storage capabilities, and elasticity of storage, computational speed, pricing and security (Lang, Wiesche, & Krcmar, 2016). Environmental specifications include legal issues, and organizational specifications include compatibility with existing IT and business architecture.

I would like to discuss the differences between Akamai and Amazon cloud front, which are the leading companies in cloud services. Server locations for Akamai are widely distributed across the globe, but CloudFront has a smaller number of server locations on the edge locations, Akamai has wide coverage, whereas CloudFront might not be good in some locations. The Point of Presence architecture used in Akamai is old, and CloudFront is advanced. In this case it uses a super PoP approach, which has a cache functionality that boosts the performance. The PoP architecture of CloudFront makes it a less expensive option when compared to Akamai. The pricing model of CloudFront is a pay-as-you-go model which makes it a good option for businesses of all sizes, unlike Akamai. Security is provided in both Akamai and CloudFront using DDOS services which differs in their architecture between the two models. If there any other modules in that use amazon services, it is a good option to go for CloudFront, as it provides easy integration.

Real Estate sector mainly deals with customer collaboration, marketing, and sales. This sector depends widely on email communications, data sharing, mobile applications, and financial deals. There are different cloud related applications available for each segment of this sector. I would like to take Zillow as a case study for cloud services in the real estate sector.

Zillow contains content in text format, images, and videos. The major challenges faced by this real estate giant are image-processing, storage issues, and content delivery. These issues paved the way for Zillow to use amazon services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and AWS Elastic beanstalk.

Zillow was using Akamai for content delivery but later moved to Amazon cloud front. The major reasons for this are the pricing, pay-as-you-go model and integration ease with other amazon services in the system. In the Eastern part of the US, amazon has good coverage of edge devices which makes it a better option with less price. The edge cache is located in Virginia for amazon cloud front. Having important parts of the application in amazon, amazon cloud front is more cost effective as it offers free data transfer between cloud services and cloud front. UNIX systems engineering manager for Zillow Group, Nick Michal, mentioned that they are pretty confident about the performance of its image processing system with amazon cloud front content delivery and S3 storage. The content of the imaging system is replicated at three different zones, which ensures availability.

Initial Post 7:

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are an essential part of an internet business approach. Most of the user data are now on the internet. A CDN can be caught as a system of disbursed networks or servers that supply exclusive content like pages, pictures, motion pictures, etc. (Thomas Erl, 2013). To a consumer, based on his geographic location, web hosting server, and the content transport server this means majorly three factors are involved when a CDN works – the place of the user, the location of the website or the web hosting server and the area of the content delivery server (Compton, 2014).

Content Delivery Network Comparison:

Amazon CloudFront: Amazon Cloud Front is thought for its speedy content delivery network carrier that securely grants motion pictures, information, APIs, and applications to the clients with low latency and excessive transfer speeds. CloudFront is a developer-friendly environment that permits clients to customize capabilities to meet particular requirements. It acts as a front door to any user application; hence, stopping any attacks earlier than it indeed reaches the beginning server. SSL/TLS encryption and HTTPS, besides, ensure utility protection (Li, 2013). CloudFront has got the right access controls, and for that reason, the consumer can manipulate who can access the website.


CloudFront is incorporated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and hence ideally works with its services like Amazon S3, AWS Shield for DDoS mitigation, Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS elemental media services. Users want to pay handiest for what they use with pay-as-you-go pricing and dedicated personal pricing with no premature prices. Runs on the global community of AWS with 136 points of presence. It is TCP optimized to permit static in addition to the dynamic content for better client's overall performance. Deliver the complete website with Cloudflare via the usage of a single domain name. This speed up each the upload and download of the content of your website. ACF Reduces cache churn through tiered caching and de-duplication optimization. Protects against the community and alertness layer denial-of-provider-attacks (DDoS) through AWS shield, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route fifty-three, and AWS Web Application Firewall.

Google Cloud CDN:

Google Cloud CDN leverages the globally allotted aspect factors of Google to speed up the content transport for user websites and programs. It processes the request coming from Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage. Users can allow Cloud CDN when they efficaciously set-up HTTP(S) Load Balancing, that too with a single checkbox. In terms of security, Cloud CDN by Google secures site content using SSL/TLS and with no additional charges (Wang, 2014). Alike Amazon CloudFront, Google Cloud CDN is integrated with Google Cloud Platform. It can support up to 5TB objects, making it an ideal preference for dealing with media and gaming site visitors.


Anycast characteristic allows users to control all content from a single IP to cope with and get low latency. It helps HTTP/2 – the new and extra efficient HTTP protocol together with HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0. Users can offer their SSL or TLS certificate to protect their website content with the aid of using a domain name of preference. With the invalidation function, the user can take down the cached pictures and different content below a minute. Stackdriver logging integration permits the consumer to advantage specified data about each cache. It serves any content originating from Cloud Storage buckets and Compute Engine VMs. Charges are based totally on one-of-a-kind incidents like cache fill bandwidth, cache egress bandwidth, and HTTP/HTTPS requests. out of my insight, Google Cloud works best for hosting a real estate company located on the East Coast of the U.S based on price, performance, and features

Initial Post 8:

Cloud computing has been a significant transformation in the Information Technology (IT) sector. This is due to the movement from the traditional on-premises datacenter to modern cloud computing. Cloud computing exists in three major categories which include Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The public cloud vendors are responsible for the provision of a variety of cloud services, providing and managing computing infrastructure and also in managing software (Thomas, Erl, Puttini, & Mahmood, 2013). The Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers are responsible for offering cloud services. They include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Akamai, Amazon Cloudflare, and Edge Cast. This paper provides a descriptive comparison of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud CDN providers.

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud provide cloud services such as virtual machine, cloud-hosted database engine, and a web server. Microsoft Azure offers a variety of services in its cloud computing platform such as the compute services. The compute services are provided to host and run the application workload. They include Azure Virtual Machines, App Services, Azure Batch, Azure Container Service, Azure RemoteApp, and Azure Service Fabric. The Azure virtual machines allow users to be able to launch Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual machines (Dudley, 2010). The App services help developers to publish and manage websites easily.

Google Cloud, on the other hand, offer to compute services such as App Engine, Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and Cloud Functions. The App engine, which is the Platform as a Service, is used to deploy Go applications, Ruby, PHP, .Net, and Java. The Compute Engine, which is the Infrastructure as a Service, is used to run the Linux and Microsoft Windows virtual machines (Geewax, 2018). Kubernetes Engine is offered as part of the Anthos platform and is usually Containers as a Service. Cloud Functions are used to run the event-driven code that is written in Python or Node.js.

Microsoft Azure also offers data services that store and manages data. These include Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure Document DB, Microsoft Azure StorSimple, and Azure Redis Cache. Microsoft Azure StorSimple manages storage tasks that are usually between on-premises devices and cloud storage (Dudley, 2010). SQL Database runs by creating, scaling, and extending applications into the cloud. This is achieved using Microsoft SQL server technology. Redis Cache manages the implementation of Redis. Google Cloud, on the other hand, offers data management and storage services. They include Cloud storage used to store unstructured data. Cloud Bigtable that manage NoSQL database services, Cloud Spanner that is strongly consistent and horizontally scalable. Cloud SQL acts as a Database as a Service. Other services include.

Microsoft Azure also offers application services that are used to build and operate and application. They include Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Azure Scheduler, Azure Media Services, Azure HDInsight for processing big data, and Azure Service Bus for connecting distributed systems. On the other hand, Google cloud offers other services such as management tools, Bid Data, and Cloud AI. Network services are also provided by the Azure platform, which is used for networking between the Azure and on-premises data centers and within the Azure platform (Thomas, Erl, Puttini, & Mahmood, 2013). They include Azure Virtual Network, Azure ExpressRoute, Azure-provided DNS, Azure Content Delivery Network, and Azure Traffic Manager. Google Cloud Platform, on the other hand, provides network services such as VPC, Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud Armor, Cloud CDN, Network Service Tiers, and Cloud Interconnect.

The significant difference between Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is that Azure offers the best services for enterprise customers. This is because most enterprises use windows and other Microsoft software to conduct their operations. Google Cloud Platform, on the other hand, offers robust container services such as Kubernetes, and it has also specialized in high compute offerings such as machine learning, Big Data, and analytics (Geewax, 2018). Additionally, Microsoft Azure would be the best cloud platform for a real estate company that is located in East Coat of U.S. This is because it is widely distributed in most region of the world including the U.S. it is also affordable since if offers a low cost of entry to most enterprises and can, therefore, be easily used by a real estate company. Additionally, it provides the best services such as data management, computes, network services that are essential for this company. Finally, this cloud platform is best suited for enterprises because of the best services and features they have that are essential for an enterprise operation.

On Responses Need to Focus on:

· Please discuss the different services each CDN provider offers to its subscribers. Other Providers (For Example Microsoft Azure, Akamai, Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud front, Cloudflare, Edge Cast)

· Do any of the CDN providers have industry-specific services?

· Be specific with your comments and provide credible support for your opinions.


· Need 8 Responses to other student initial posts (Use uploaded Document to see Other Students Initial Posts).

· Need minimum 250 words for each response.

· Need 2 APA References for each response (Use 2015 and above resources)

· No Plagiarism please

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