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Reflection is an important part of the learning process. Thinking about what you have done throughout the course and putting

Reflection is an important part of the learning process. Thinking about what you have done throughout the course and putting those thoughts into words helps you make sense of what you have accomplished during the course. Thus, crafting a Reflective argument is your attempt to show or demonstrate how the writing you have completed meets or aligns with the outcomes for the course.

Purpose of the Assignment

To show the extent to which the writer is familiar with or knows their writing

To show the fit between the writer’s evaluation of their work and the evidence (the body of work produced throughout the course)

To show the depth and sophistication of the writer’s appreciation, knowledge, and understanding of effective writing for different audiences.

To show the specificity and depth of the writer’s understanding about his or her process of writing and inquiry.

Audience: Instructor and classmates

Essay example


This assignment requires you to become a reflective thinker and writer. You will need to ask how, in what ways, and what evidence do I have to show that I have met the course outcomes. To do so, you will need to use the three stages of reflection, monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting to develop a cohesive argument that shows your readers how the writing your produced satisfies the learning outcomes of the course. Essentially, you are making the case about your work. USING TERMINOLOGY OUTLINED IN CHAPTER 10, i.e. the 3 stages.

Here are a few tips or traps to avoid:

Organization: Avoid a chronological listing of what you have learned. (“And then I learned, and then I learned . . .”). One way to avoid this trap is to “focus” your essay and develop a claim. What do you want to say about your writing? How can you use the three stages of reflection to think about your processes? YOU ARE NOT WRITING A NARRATIVE ESSAY, OR "TELLING A STORY" ABOUT YOUR WRITING PROCESS.

Empty Claims: Do not make empty claims about your work. Always support any assertions you make with evidence (this would be an example from your writing & citation from the textbook). In addition, you are to focus your writing for this essay on what you produced for Essay 1 and 2. If you did not submit both essays, you can focus on how you responded to the discussions. Show your readers what you learned about the concepts discussed in the readings and the course objectives. Discuss how the ways of learning about them helped your writing grow.

Generality: Avoid making broad claims and be specific. Your goal is to share with your audience not only what you learned, but how you learned it (this is where you cite your evidence from the textbook). The claim, “I learned that brainstorming and mapping are good ways to get your ideas down” is more convincing and concrete if you reveal how the learning is evidenced in your writing assignments.

Strategies for Success

Make sure your essay meets the word count BEFORE your cited material (anything that is paraphrased, summarized, or direct quotes), THIS INCLUDES ANYTHING YOU’VE WRITTEN IN PREVIOUS ESSAYS.

Avoid making the essay just about you, (I, I, I, me, me, me, we, we, we, etc). You can accomplish this by limiting the use of 1st and 2nd person to appeal to your audience. How could your learning help others?

Review the rubric for what makes the response good.

You aren’t required to use Brainfuse for feedback, however it’s a good idea. However, you can set up a free Grammerly account to get an initial impression of what you’ve written.

AN ARGUMENTATIVE THESIS STATEMENT (see adjusting stage, page 142 – 143) which indicates the insight you’ve gained and a plan for revision. This SHOULD BE A CONCISELY WRITTEN SENTENCE THAT IS AT THE END OF YOUR INTRODUCTION.

A conclusion that addresses the point(s) you make in your thesis as outlined on pages 142 – 143.

Format Guidelines
Essay word count is 900 – 1000 words (not including cited material).

At least 8 fully developed paragraphs.

The introduction or conclusion should be just a few sentences.

Each body paragraph needs a topic sentence that is not cited material, that provides an introduction to the SINGLE IDEA that is discussed in the paragraph.

Paragraphs should not end with cited material (remember ICE or paragraph sandwich).

Submit your final draft as a .doc or .docx file. REMEMBER, all Triton students can download Microsoft Office for free. Reminder, for final draft essay assignments, I need the documents as Word files, not PDF or other format.

Use traditional MLA essay structure (use the MLA essay template in Microsoft Word). Use the default settings on your word processing program (“normal” margins,12-point font, Calibri or Times New Roman). Double-space your essay and include page numbers and headers. (see sample MLA information or review the following).

Cite all your resources from the readings using MLA format.

Submitted the essay as a .doc or .docx file.

Save/name your assignment as LastName#3 to expedite grading.

Submission Guidelines

Submit your final essay draft document to this drop box by clicking the link above.

Be sure to select the check box for the Plagiarism Tools.

Watch Video
Assignments Overview (Student)
Duration: 1:47
YouTube URL:
This video focuses on how students submit assignment in Blackboard.
Note: During this course, we will use rubrics. Be sure to review the assignment instructions thoroughly prior to submission. In this class you will always attach your assignment submissions, never copy/paste.

Assignments Overview (Student)

Exceeds Expectations Grade of A or B
Meets Expectations Grade of C
Does Not Meet Expectations (D or F)
Assignment Requirements
✓Clearly addresses the purpose of the essay which is to REFLECT on course progress ✓ Meets the word count before cited material (900 – 1000 words) ✓ Document is MLA format with a works cited.
(15.0 – 18.75 points)
✓Somewhat addresses the purpose of the essay but does not use the three stages of reflection ✓ Meets the word count with cited material (900 – 1000 words) ✓ Document lacks complete adherence to MLA format and/or works cited.
(13.0 – 15.0 points)
✓Purpose of the essay isn’t clear. ✓ Below the word count before cited material (<900 words) ✓ Does not adhere to MLA format.
(< 13 points)
Focused Reflection
✓ Clear , debatable thesis statement regarding the intent of the essay (last sentence of introduction) without announcing. Thesis clearly indicates what learning has taken place by using the three stages of reflection ✓ The response develops and synthesizes ideas outlined in the textbook with a clear observation of what learning has occurred and how ✓ Details don’t overwhelm the reader.
(15.0 – 18.75 points)
✓ Thesis statement may or may not be clear or debatable so the intent of the essay is di

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