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Review the selected capstone project topic (Inadequate Data Storage Architectures) description attached. Your paper should us



  1. Review the selected capstone project topic (Inadequate Data Storage Architectures) description attached.
  2. Your paper should use the Capstone Project Template(find in attachments). 
  3. The final paper should be in the attached template format as follows:
    1. Paper introduction
    2. Problem statement/discussion
    3. Potential and proposed solutions
    4. Conclusion and cited references
  4. You may use the attached template and embed the outline into each section of the template. You need to include an outline bullet for each major and minor idea in each section 
  5. A total of 10 or more references should be used in the paper. 
  6. Each reference you intend to use in your project should have an annotation for the each item (refer to the URL for annotated references:
  7. The paper should be about 20 pages in length (double-spaced), and transitions between sections should be addressed. Any graphics or tables and references do not count toward page count.
  8. Make sure to use 7th edition APA where required. The paper should include credible references that are cited according to the 7th edition of APA. You may and should use research to develop your plans, but make sure to cite your sources. All written work should be your own.
  9. Please refer to the Capstone Project Guide (find in attachments) for specifics on what the paper needs to contain.


Capstone Project: Inadequate Data Storage Architectures

Student Name:

Institutional Affiliation:

Course Name:

Course Number:



Overview of the project topic

Lack of data storage architectures to handle a variety of applications has remained to be one of the problems IT professionals are facing in the modern world. There is a need to have efficient, scalable, and flexible data storage. Even though cloud computing has provided much-needed virtual storage, the IT community is still researching technology that will provide flexibility beyond cost and space in cloud storage options to improve IT infrastructure. Cloud architecture should provide long-term archival as opposed to short-term archival solutions to improve efficacy in the management of IT infrastructure (Ghani, 2020).

Description of the problem

Today’s IT ecosystem is faced with an increased amount of data that is generated by IoT devices. The biggest problem lies in how to effectively utilize the collected data for any meaningful use. “Data requires a place to rest, the same way objects need a shelf or container; data must occupy space” (Mehta, 2019). To store huge volumes of data, enterprises will require high-tech data centers that will require physical space in the office building. Setting up an in-house data center is a costly adventure that will also need experienced IT professionals to manage.


The ultimate solution to data storage problems lies in investing in cloud storage architecture. The enterprises must carefully examine whether they will set up an in-house data center or will outsource it from cloud vendors. Managing an in-house data center is quite expensive because there are the initial money required to set it up, labor and maintenance costs involved. Outsourcing cloud services seems to be the best solution because the organization will be freed from maintenance work hence the IT team can concentrate on other tasks (Villalobos, 2020). In addition, cloud vendors can help to solve scalability problems as they can allocate more storage space as needs demand.


Mehta, S., Kothuri, P., & Garcia, D. L. (2019). A big data architecture for log data storage and analysis. An Integrated Intelligent Computing, Communication and Security (pp. 201-209). Springer, Singapore.

Villalobos, K., Ramírez-Durán, V. J., Diez, B., Blanco, J. M., Goñi, A., & Illarramendi, A. (2020). A three level hierarchical architecture for an efficient storage of industry 4.0 data. Computers in Industry, 121, 103257.

Ghani, A., Badshah, A., Jan, S., Alshdadi, A. A., & Daud, A. (2020). Issues and challenges in cloud storage architecture: a survey. arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.06809.


Capstone Project Guide

CITM-504: Computer Information Technology Management


This guide is designed to assist you in completing your degree capstone project. The document will provide guidance on developing the content of the project. You will use the Capstone Project Template to create your paper. The course room also includes the Indiana Wesleyan University APA7eGuide.pdf developed by the university for the purpose of standardizing written papers assigned in various courses. For this assignment, you will be using the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition and IWU guide.

The purpose of a capstone is to assess your mastery of topics in the field of study that your degree confers. You will select a topic allows you the broadest and deepest coverage of knowledge and learning from your course work here at Indiana Wesleyan University. The topic should be focused on an area of the degree field and of interest to you. There are two parts to the capstone project. You will develop a project paper, along with a Powerpoint presentation.

The following are specifics for developing the paper:

· Length of the paper will be a minimum of 20 pages, not counting the cover page, abstract, table of contents, reference section, and any appendices. Do not count graphic images into the page count. The intent of the paper is to include 20 pages of narrative. Graphics and tables are encouraged, but not in lieu of narrative content.

· You will use the Capstone Project Template in developing and writing the content for the paper

· The project paper should include a minimum of 10 references from scholarly academic and industry sources.

· Double-spacing should be used, per APA 7th edition.

The following are the specifics for the Powerpoint presentation:

· Presentation that would be appropriate for senior management to understand your project.

· Provide an overview/introduction and appropriate level of detail of the problem, potential solutions that could be applied to the problem, and the most appropriate solution, based on your judgement and expertise as developed throughout your studies. The presentation needs to provide sufficient information that would allow management to make informed decisions related to approving and funding the project. The presentation is to be associated directly to the project paper you are researching and writing.

· A minimum presentation of 15 Powerpoint slides or a length necessary to adequately inform management.

The topic selection for the capstone should be given prior thought from the first day of class. Do not wait to formulate your topic and move forward. Consider what you will research and write about. Conduct preliminary research as soon as possible, then develop an outline, based on the Capstone Project Template.

The following is a basic project plan to follow for the capstone course:

· Week 1: Review the course requirements, determine what topic to pursue, begin research, and develop a preliminary outline. Submit a Topic Description as a discussion post.

· Week 2: Continue research and develop references (with annotations, also termed an Annotated Bibliography). Continue development and refinement of the outline. If possible, start writing sections that will become the content of the paper. Submit preliminary reference list with annotations.

· Week 3: Finalize the reference section and outline for the paper. Continue any further research and continue to develop and write content. Submit finalized reference list and project paper outline.

· Week 4: Finalize as much of the paper as possible. Develop an outline for the Powerpoint presentation. Submit Powerpoint presentation outline.

· Week 5: Incorporate any suggestions from others (in particular the instructor) regarding the content of the paper. Prepare the Powerpoint. Submit the Preliminary draft of the Powerpoint presentation. Submit a draft of the project paper.

· Week 6: Finalize writing and editing the project paper. Submit the paper. Complete and submit the Powerpoint presentation.

Deliverables (Week 6):

· Capstone Project Paper

· Powerpoint Presentation

Capstone Project Paper:

The capstone course is the culmination of your work during the degree program. You are demonstrating mastery of your knowledge and skills within your field of study. You should select a topic that covers the following:

· A problem within the scope of the degree program that has a practical problem that needs a solution.

· Has a practical solution that supports technology advancement in a business setting.

· Appropriate research that supports the topic and solution(s) being proposed.

· Demonstrates the widest and broadest coverage of the subjects presented and learned in course work taken as a part of your degree program.

For details on the paper, see the requirements set forth earlier for length and writing guidance.

Powerpoint Presentation:

The Powerpoint presentation should be considered an executive level summary presentation of the project paper. Imagine you are requested by senior management to present your project, the problem you are addressing, why it is important to resolve, and the solution you proposing to adopt in correcting the problem.

The slide presentation should include the following:

· Introduction to the problem

· Discussion of the issues surrounding the problem to be resolved (including some evidence from the literature related to the problem)

· Potential solutions

· Proposed solution and justification for selecting the appropriate solution

Your presentation, as well as your project paper, should demonstrate the breadth and depth of your education toward the degree. You are displaying your mastery of topics studied during your time in the IWU program.

Do not delay in developing the project, paper, and presentation. There are six weeks to prepare and submit the two deliverables, along with interim assignments. One of the demonstratable topics of your learning is your ability to organization, prioritize, and management a project. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that and much more!

Supplemental Information:

Topic ideas:

· Implementation of an enterprise level software application solution (CRM, etc.)

· Security awareness program or cyber security related solution

· A major set of technology policy changes replacing a current set of policies in place within the organization

· Ecommerce solution or expansion of an Ecommerce solution into global markets

· Outsourcing solution

· Software development project

· Hardware refresh or other type of infrastructure update project



[Title of Capstone Project]

[FirstName LastName]

Department of Computer Science, Indiana Wesleyan University

[Course Number]: [Course Title]

[Professor’s Name]


[Remember, this is a basic template. You should use both the IWU APA7eGuide.pdf and your APA 7th Edition Publication Manual to prepare your paper. Throughout this template, remove the prompted information in the brackets [], including this reminder.]


[In the introduction section, provide an overview of the topic you have selected. Sub-sections in the introduction should include an overview of the topic, the reason for selecting the topic, and the importance of the project in light of the knowledge gained throughout your course work (Typical length 1 to 2 pages)].

Problem Statement

[Provide a review of the background of the topic area. As an example, if the topic were cloud computing, what factors have influenced the use of this technology? What factors were most important in the emergence of cloud computing? Every technology innovation stems from a past historical computing perspective. Provide some insights on what has driven the topic you will be basing your capstone project on. (Typical length 2 to 3 pages)]

Discussion of Problem

[This is the section or sections that will provide the details on your project. The general form of this part of the project is up to you. You know the topic area. You are the subject matter expert. You may create as many sub-sections as necessary in relating the project information. (Typical length depends on the topic)]

Presentation of Potential Solutions

[Provide a discussion of various potential solutions that could resolve the problem you identified earlier. Be sure to offer sufficient background on each potential solution to assist management in understanding the possible solutions versus the one you will subsequently recommend in the next section. (Typical 4 to 5 pages)]

Discussion of the Proposed Solution

This section should introduce the proposed solution you are recommending to management. You need to provide several sub-sections that provide a detailed understanding of the solution, why it is being recommended, details on how the solution would be implemented, and a basic project schedule for completing the project. You may provide a brief financial budget if desired; however, a budget is not necessary. (Typical length 5 to 6 pages)]


[Provide a succinct conclusion to the project. Include a brief paragraph that summarizes your project, provides an overview of your processes and procedures, and restates the suggestions and recommendations you make for the project. (Typical length 1 to 2 pages)]


[You should provide a minimum of 10 references that support the importance of your project and any supporting literature or other sources you have used in developing your project. You must use APA 7th edition for your references and the accompanying citations in the text of the paper. The basic layout of references is shown below, with correct indentation. Again, you need to be aware of the formatting requirements of APA 7th edition. See the IWU APA7eGuide.pdf and the APA 7th Edition Publication Manual].

LastName, InitialFirstName(s). (Date of Publication). Article title or book title. Location information


[Not all papers will need an Appendix. Typically, the appendix becomes necessary when you have lengthy listings or graphics. An example for the use of the appendix would be software code used in a project.]

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