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The proposal does not offer a clear plan for addressing the space debris problem, the main task of the document. (By contrast,

The proposal does not offer a clear plan for addressing the space debris problem, the main task of the document. (By contrast, your oral presentation offers a better sense of a comprehensive project, and so I suggest that you look there to get an idea of what was missing from the main proposal itself.)

Please Revise and Edit the paper, based off the professors comments above. Use the Oral Presentation Powerpoint attached below as reccomended in comment. Please Highlight your changes

The Restoration of Space

Hello and Welcome

My Name is Zainudin Smith

I am the Lead Organizer For the Space Restoration Program

Please Contact Me via email: [email protected]


What is Space Debris?




Course of Action




What is Space Debris?

Artificial material that is orbiting Earth but is no longer functional

 Space Debris Consist of Broken Satellites, Pieces of Space Craft, Parts of Rockets

The objects fly around earth’s orbit can reach speeds up to 18,000 mph


990 satellites are launched into space per year

60% of the satellites in space are not operational

Only 40% are actually operational


Space Craft Pieces


Rockets Parts

A piece of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket

Rocket Parts are the most dangerous because most debris burns up in the atmosphere but in the case of Larger debris they can actually reach the ground intact


Space debris is caused by increased human activities within space

Countries such as Russia, The United States, and China have the most items in space


Chinese Fengyun-1C spacecraft in 2007

The deliberate destruction of this defunct satellite, using a ground-based, medium-range ballistic missile. This was widely condemned throughout the international space community, left a cloud of potentially hazardous debris in a heavily used belt of Earth orbit.


2009 collision of an American and a Russian spacecraft

The accidental collision of an American and a Russian spacecraft in 2009 alone increased the large orbital debris population in LEO by approximately 70%, posing greater collision risks for spacecraft operating in low Earth orbit.



Collisions and Human Destruction of Satellites

Debris that re-enter the Earth’s Orbit

(Wright , 2010)

The Never-Ending Cycle

Collisions of Spacecrafts and Human Destruction of Satellites cause more debris

Debris Damages the functional Spacecrafts


Debris are disregarded and more Spacecrafts Are sent into Space

(SatTrackCam, 2019)

Areas with Space Debris sightings








Ivory Coast


Soviet Satellite Cosmos 954 Plummeted to Earth in 1978

Nuclear-powered Soviet satellite Cosmos 954 plummeted to Earth, scattering potentially radioactive debris across the Northwest Territories. The searching of the tiny radioactive pieces and clean up ended up costing Canada $14 Million Canadian Dollars



Space Crafts were built with Whipple Shield to protect them from small debris

Thrusters were installed into Satellites to help avoid larger debris

Whipple Shield

Uses the Debris Velocity to Stop It. When debris strike the shield, it breaks up into smaller pieces spreading the energy of the impact minimizing the damage



In 2012, US Fermi Satellite was predicted to collide with a retired Russian Spy Satellite Comos 1805 repeating the 2009 collision


Course of Action

Deployment of CubeStats

Launching Chaser Satellites

Ceramic Nets Attachments

Cube Stats

CubeSats would launched into the earth’s orbit quarterly with the purpose of monitoring debris build up and detecting any potential damage that can be caused to any functional satellites.

With the information obtained from the CubeSats, mission control can determine the areas that need the most attention.


Chaser Satellites

chaser satellite can perform rendezvous, docking to a given target, and have Added attachments


Cermaic Nets

The net will capture debris and keep it from dispersing as it re-enters the earth’s atmosphere,


A Chaser Satellite with a net gun attachment feature, has the ability to capture debris, and drag it back to earth for proper disposal.

Once the debris is gathered and makes its way back to the earth, the harsh elements will cause for the majority of the debris to disintegrate as it re-enters earth’s atmosphere.


Satellite- $390 million

Cubestats- $50,000

Net- $195,000-$295,000

Launch- $10- 400 Million


Numerous Devices are launched into Space but Never Taken out

Space Crafts give Us the Ability to Oversee The Earth, Therefore they must be protected

If Space Debris isn’t maintained, it can prevent Space Travel and Exploration

Thank You Questions?


Farzan, A. N. (2021, May 8). From a Texas dental office to the Canadian tundra, here's where space debris has crashed to Earth. The Washington Post.

Harris, G. B. & W. (2020, May 14). How Satellites Work. HowStuffWorks Science.

Keeter, B. (2018, December 05). Space debris. Retrieved from

Gruss, M. (2016, January 11). U.S. Official: China Turned to Debris-free ASAT Tests Following 2007 Outcry.

Real Engineering. (2019). The Truth About Space Debris. YouTube.

Toor, A. (2015, November 27). A piece of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket is sitting on a beach in England. Retrieved from

Wall, M. (2011, September 2). Want to Get Rid of Space Junk? Catch It in a Giant Net.

Weeden, B. (2010, November 10). 2009 Iridium-Cosmos Collision Fact Sheet. Retrieved from

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302/303 Final Project Proposal Grading Criteria

William Magrino

Reasons why a proposal will receive a grade of F

· The paper is plagiarized, in whole or in part (Instructors must bring all plagiarism issues immediately to a director and/or the Writing Program’s Academic Integrity Coordinator).

· The paper does not meet the basic requirements of the assignment (e.g.: significantly below the page length/word count minimum(s), missing crucial sections).

· The writer does not use sufficient or appropriate documentation (i.e.: insufficient and/or irrelevant sources, inappropriate citation format) or does not support claims with references.

· The paper is written in the form of a report, and fails to focus information toward action.

· The paper depends largely on undirected summary.

· The level of basic organization interferes dramatically with the proposal’s intended meaning. For example, the paragraphs do not follow logically or there is no apparent organizational structure.

· Problems of sentence-level error (especially grammar and syntax) are so severe that they impede meaning and appear.

· The writer does not exhibit a basic competence in writing.

C-range proposals

· The level of research, organization, and logic are sufficient to demonstrate a basic competency.

· The paper puts information in action and is not merely a report or summary.

· The argument shows signs of promise even if it is not fully unified or fully developed.

· The research, while sufficient to pass, does not seem to fulfill all of the needs of the student's argument. Perhaps certain essential facts are missing from an otherwise acceptable paper.

· The writer ignores important difficulties or avoids dealing with salient issues.

· The writer has not fully engaged with or considered the audience's concerns about this project.

· The solution does not follow logically from the problem.

· The paradigm does not mesh with the practice, or is not clearly delineated.

· Generally, a paper that is competent but fails to organize the research into a paradigm will receive a C+ grade.

· The visual aids are especially weak or carelessly prepared.

· The level of error is high or shows signs of general and repeated carelessness.

A B paper has all of the qualities of a C paper, and distinguishes itself in at least some of the following ways:

B-range proposals

· Clearly describes or quantifies the problem or need to be addressed.

· Has a sense of the paradigm or theoretical frame used to define the project.

· Engages (and does not ignore) the difficulties suggested by the research or the plan.

· Uses source materials well and places them in a logical relation to other sources and the thesis.

· Responds to the needs or concerns of the likely audience (or funding source).

· Strives to persuade the reader.

· Is realistically and logically feasible as a real-world project.

· Uses visual aids that are well explained and integrated into the proposal.

· Guides the reader through the argument (using good transitions, sign posts, forecasting, etc.).

· Has mostly error-free writing.

· Often, a B range paper has a strong literature review but a weak plan, or alternately, an imaginative and well developed plan of action that is insufficiently supported by research.

A proposals

An A paper has all of the qualities of a B paper, and distinguishes itself in at least some of the following ways:

· Sets an especially challenging or original task that the student fulfills.

· Demonstrates excellent or innovative research, which is well ordered and cited.

· Organizes the research into a clearly and carefully delineated paradigm.

· Uses graphics that are highly effective at conveying information.

· Has almost completely error-free writing.

· Has a degree of stylistic polish that exceeds the commonplace (though this alone does not make an A paper, it is often a contributing factor).

· Exhibits a remarkably attractive appearance and visually appealing design.

· The best A range projects are those in which the writer does more than merely import an existing paradigm into a new situation. There should be some attempt to modify the model and make it case-specific, expanding the paradigm.




Understanding the Impacts and Causes of Space Debris

Zainudin Smith

Professor Bass

May 20, 2021

Understanding the Impacts and Causes of Space Debris

Table of Contents

Abstract 3

Impact of Space Debris 6

Plan 7

Budget 10

Discussion 11

Conclusion 13

References 14


Space exploration continues makes up a key scientific exploration effect that has led to technological and economic advancement. The setting up satellites within space continues to be a common technological initiative taken up by countries. Countries such as USA, Russia and China continue to be at the leading from of establishing satellites within space. However, the question of space debris continues to pose a threat to space and the planet based on carelessness. The rate of space junks continues to be an alarming issue affecting the space and action needs to be taken to control the norm from taking place. It affects the future exploration of space is affected forcing the necessary activities needs to be put in place and better actions put in place. Analysis on the impacts of space debris takes place in the project.


The key cause behind space debris is increased human activities within space. Ensuring that positive change is initiated within space exploration makes up the appropriate measures that have to be positively done. Increased human activities leads to the need for more space exploration that results to space debris. As economies advance the need for them to set up satellites within space continues to the focal point of concern (Cookson, 2019). The process leads to the development of space debris that continues to be focal aspect of concern in the study. Understanding the reason why the need for space debris continues to be a key issue in place. Reasons behind space debris need to be a key issue in place that has to be positively addressed and reflected.

Developed countries such as the United States and china have identified as the leading reasons behind the existence of space debris. The demand to improve space technology and basic to advanced intelligence drives the demand behind the increase in space debris within the society. The ability of the countries to afford the necessary infrastructure and other space based exploration activities in a way that is positive and effective (Johnson, 2017). The action leads to the increase of over 3000 satellites within space that increases the chances of space junks based on the lack of better initiatives that facilitated the creation of space junks. Necessary, measures need to be taken to control the prevalence of space junks. The practice needs to be ensured that key initiatives are put in place to control the changes.

Natural causes cannot be identified as the cause rather human activities with space is a factor that leads to the development of space debris in a way that negatively reflected the negative implications of space debris. The natural set up of space is affected by the eagerness of man to create positive change that is a necessity to put in place and positively reflected upon. The United Nations has an important part to play when the monitoring needs to occur based on the key changes that needs to be positively initiated (Gupta & Roy, 2018). The bodies need to ensure that positive initiatives are put in place in terms of controlling the dangerous actions that needs to be initiated.

Human actions determine the direction that the society takes in terms of key issues that needs to be positively emulated. However, space actions needs to be regulated despite of the economic advancement and the need ensure that space and the planet receive the required care that foresees positive change that is important to emulate and put into practice (Zhao, Wang & Zheng, 2020). Ethics positively plays out in a way that is sufficient and positive in a way that is reflected in a way that is positive and effectual (Johnson, 2012). Ideally, the key issue that comes in place that has to be positively emulated ad put in place that has needs to be positively initiative. Ideally, awareness needs to be positively emulated and practiced in a way that is clearly sufficient.

Literature Review

Space debris is created when satellite replacement takes place. The technology involved in a formal replacement of the change is a positive issue that needs to be positively emulated and done in a way that is sufficient and effective. The practice leads to the use of dubious methods that needs to be done in a way that is negative in terms of initiating change in a way that is sufficient and productive. Countries normally use the application explosions to destroy the old satellites before replacing them (Cookson, 2019). The junk that comes out of the exploration leads to the creation of space debris that negatively affects the society in a manner that is clearly sufficient and productive. Therefore, understanding the underlying factors that leads to the development of space debris is a basic issue that authorities need to be addressed.

Human action is a key action that needs to be regulated when it comes to space debris. The source of the space debris is the demand for space technology and intelligence. The lack of a proper governing body that would ensure that only positive changes are initiated is an action that would lead to the development of positive change in terms of controlling the initiative. Despite of the scientists and tech developers being aware of the initiative (Johnson, 2017). They continue to undertake the practice. Lack of appreciate ethics can be identified as the other reason behind the creation of the situation forcing the existence of change that needs to be reflected upon when it comes to the initiative of policies that would control the initiative.

Space Debris Cleanup: We've polluted the Earth, now space too?

The act of ignorance is the main cause of ignorance. Most of the space bodies understand the implications of space debris to the society. The practice calls for the implementation of measures that focuses on addressing the complications that are involved in the process. The focus is providing for the tech and social interest of countries (Tingay et al., 2011). The bodies understand that the implication of basic practices that leads to the development of the choices that may control such initiatives (Muñoz-Patchen, 2018). Bodies such as NASA have lacked the capacity of controlling space pollution. It is a basic initiative that led to the development of positive change that needs to be perfectly reflected in and practiced in an ideal way.

The undermining of the international space laws and policies that the United nations have introduced plays an important part in ensuring that positive change is initiated in a way that is appealing to change. The developed countries practice space pollution based on the limited tough measures that have been placed after environmental pollution (Gupta & Roy, 2018). The change is ideal to observed based on the key progress that the changes are expected to provide for the country. Ideally, countries such as China are at the forefront of abusing such initiatives based on the poor measures and punishment that have been initiative that have been initiated and practiced. This is in ways that are reflective of the positive changes that are in place with respect to the issues that are in place with respect to change.

The increase is space pollution and abuse through explosions continues to lead in the rise of space debris. This is a practice that calls for the use of appropriate measures that would be more focused on ensuring that positive changes are initiated. Ideally, the a vital of 35,000 which is a key ideal that needs to be positively reflected upon based on the underlying factors that needs to be clearly reflected upon (Cookson, 2019). The reduction in space debris is a collective action that needs to involve the society and key players to ensure that positive changes are initiated in ways that positive changes are perfectly put in place and refocused on in ways that sufficient to ensured. The introduction of positive change is ideal and reflective of the actions that need to be respect and put in place.

The increasing number of space debris is an action that is supported by the poor set up of the authorities that are in change of controlling the prevalence of the matter. The duty of the society is ensuring that positive changes are initiated in ways that are reflective of the changes that are appropriate to reflect upon (WU et al., 2011). The introduction of change is a n ideal process that needs to be carried out in ways that are perfectly appealing and reflective of the issues that are relevant to be equally productive and reflective of the necessity of regulation and why it initiates positive change in ways that are effective and productive if done correctly.

Impact of Space Debris

Understanding the basic implications that comes with the existence of space debris plays an important role in providing an overall insight on the activities that needs to be initiated to ensured that positive change is initiated in ways that understands the dangers of the practice. The existence of space debris provides a future threat to the planet if appropriate actions are not taken (Lan, Li, & Baoyin, 2015). It is the duty of the authorizes such as NASA and the United Nations to ensure that positive change is initiated in ways that are equally productive and considerate of the changes that are important and ideal to put in place based on the complications that surrounds the initiative in terms of productivity and effectiveness. Ideally, the implications are widespread and easy to observe.

Why space debris cleanup might be a national security threat

The existence of lack appropriate measures to ensure that the disposal of space machines leads to the creation of space debris. The action continues to create a hazard that may be difficult to control and implement based on the limited measures that have been introduced by the necessary authorities (Gupta & Roy, 2018). It is important for the space explorations to continue taking place but understanding the relevance of change is part of the ideal that cannot be ignored based on positive changes that may come if space debris do not exist. Ideally, the risks involved in the activities are widely spread and it calls for the appropriate actions to be initiated based in the necessity of change and the positive changes that comes with the process.

Space debris have negative implications on the relevant space explorations in a negative way. The fact that exploration is an innovative process that embraces changes in a positive way. Regular replacement of the satellites and other space materials takes place based on the improvement in technology. The process is focused ion ensuring that only positive change is emulated in the society. The move is focused on ensuring that positivity is embraced in ways that are reflective of the space future (Johnson, 2017). However, space debris presents threats to such materials. Factors such as the risk of collisions makes up the dominant issue that seems to affect the society in ways that are negative and reflective of the changes that are being initiated. Ideally, such changes are relevant and ideal to focus upon based in the change that may come through the process.

The spread of the explorations is a key measure that is reflective of the changes that needs to be emulated and understood. The debris normally travel at speeds of 22,300 mph (Miyamoto et al., 2019). in case of any collision with objects such as rockets and other new satellites might lead to the destruction of property life. The contribution to the existence of space debris in angles that is hard to control and put in [place. the duty of the experts in the fields is ensuring that such calamities are avoided for the creation of a perfect future for the space explorations initiatives in the society (Cookson, 2019). The changes are focused on ensuring that only positive change in initiated. The practice is only focused on change that is a factor that is clearly investable.

The need for more exploration activity is a demand that scientist put in place. This is based on the quest for knowledge across space. However, the existence of space debris is a limiting factor that affects the future of the practice. This is because it offers limited alternatives that need to be presented and put in place if positive changes is not promoted (Muñoz-Patchen, 2018). The space debris affects the effectiveness of the scientists in ensuring that further space explorations take place. The limited concern affects the ability of people to initiate change in ways that are ideal and focused on the presentation of change in ways that are effective and productive.

If We Don't Act Soon, Space Junk Might Trap Us On Earth | Space junk, Space  debris, Hubble space telescope

Research points out those space explorations have led to more discoveries about the

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