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The writer may choose one of the three prompts listed below. I will provide the relevant sources that are course readings, b

The writer may choose one of the three prompts listed below. I will provide the relevant sources that are course readings, but two additional sources or case studies must be used as well. 

Choose and address ONE of the following questions in five or six double-spaced typed pages or less. Use course readings plus at least TWO additional scholarly source(s) to support your argument. Sources should be peer-reviewed articles from a scholarly journal or book.. Cite all sources for data, opinions, or direct quotations, using page numbers. You may use American Antiquity parenthetical citation style (Wright 1986:334), or any standard style of citation. All papers must be original, individual work for this course. Text must be 12 point, double spaced, with 1 inch margins, with no more than six (6) pages of text, plus a list of references cited.

1.     Was there an imagination revolution in the Upper Paleolithic? Use additional readings to consider scholarly positions on the significance, pace and punctuation of the origins of fully modern human cognition. Which of these positions do you find the most compelling in your case studies? How, where, and when would you argue that the transition to fully modern human cognition took place?  How would you address criticisms from supporters of other positions? Use and cite specific archaeological examples or other data to support your arguments.

2.     If people could hunt and gather, why did some ancient societies turn to food production? Compare and contrast two case studies on the origin (or non-origin) of agriculture and village lifeways. Compare the timing, sequence, and location of each transformation, considering ecological, demographic, and social variables. How does archaeological evidence support or refute larger schools of thought on agricultural origins? Use and cite specific archaeological or ethnological examples to support your arguments.

3.     Why would villages give up their autonomy to form chiefdoms? Consider the transition (or non-transition) from autonomous villages to chiefdom or rank society. Compare two specific archaeological or ethnological examples. How the two case studies support or contest scholarly positions on the emergence of chiefdoms? Which causative factors mentioned for the emergence of chiefdoms do you find the most compelling for your cases? Use and cite specific examples and authors to support your arguments.

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