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This is shorter paper (2 pages), designed to familiarize you with writing philosophy. Writing philosophy papers is a bit differ

 Paper 1 (10%) This is shorter paper (2 pages), designed to familiarize you with writing philosophy. Writing philosophy papers is a bit different than writing other kinds of papers, so practice is a good idea. Pay close attention to the instructions for this essay and the comments you receive afterwards. Submit your paper to the “Paper 1” folder in eCourseware Dropbox according to the scheduled window above. (Hard copies and papers sent by email will NOT be accepted.) TURN IN TO THE DROPBOX by (insert proper date and time). Write a 2 page essay in response to the following question Choose either Plato or Hobbes. If you choose Plato, in your essay explain Laches′ definition of courage as ″wise endurance of the soul.″ In your answer be sure to 1. Explain clearly what ″wise endurance of the soul″ means. 2. Explain clearly why Laches’ first two definitions fail, and thus why he ends up saying courage is, ″wise endurance of the soul.″ In this part of your paper, be sure to explain the argument that Socrates makes to demonstrate the mistakes in Laches′ first two definitions. If you choose Hobbes, in your essay, explain Hobbes′ response to the “moral crisis” of the Modern Era. In your answer be sure to 1. Explain clearly what the moral crisis is supposed to be. 2. Explain clearly how Hobbes replied to this crisis, making sure to explain the argument that Hobbes makes. Note carefully: Paper 1 is not a critical essay. The goal for you is not to evaluate the argument in question, only to explain it. In other words, your goal for this first paper is exegetical. In the next paper topic, you’ll have a chance to make your own arguments. Paper Guidelines and Expectations: 1. Be sure you have answered all parts of the question. 2. Double-check the syllabus for style guidelines. 3. Don’t forget to use citations!!! If you don’t use any textual support, this will limit your top grade. • Not sure how to cite? Or do you struggle with writing? Get fee help from the Center for Writing and Communication. The CWC is designed to enhance your ability to evaluate your own writing and to produce clear, coherent work. Tutors provide instruction in all phases of the writing process from choosing a topic to reviewing and revising for a final draft. Bring any writing assignment for any discipline to the CWC. For more information, visit the Center for Writing and Communication. 4. Edit carefully. Try reading the paper aloud. You will be surprised how many problems you can find this way. Getting a friend to proof your paper is also quite valuable. Careless editing can limit your top grade. 5. Be sure to have a thesis statement in the first paragraph. 6. For a paper as short as this, you do not need to waste space on a conclusion. 7. Do not wait until the last minute to get help. Technical Specifications a. Format: All papers must be typed, 1.5 or double-spaced, in 10 or 12 point font, with a margin of exactly 1 inch on all sides. AND YOU MUST USE A .doc OR .docx FILE FORMAT! b. Due dates and late papers: Due dates are indicated on the calendar of readings. Extensions will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances. If you expect that you will not be able to complete a paper on time as a result of a medical illness, family or personal emergency, or religious observance, it is imperative that you contact me before the due date. c. Citation and Referencing: Text references are required for all quotations, paraphrases, and ideas not your own, or which are derived from sources other than the lecture. You do not need to cite lecture material. Failure to cite properly will result in grade reduction. (Again, this is part of the skill you are trying to develop: it is your responsibility to learn about and use any writing resources or extra-curricular help to ensure proper citation.) The only citation you should use is the primary source we read for class. Do not use secondary sources, websites, etc. 

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