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You made it through the board review and are now ready to kick off your project! As a result of your large funding approval,

Proposal Presentation 


You made it through the board review and are now ready to kick off your project! As a result of your large funding approval, your team is responsible for communicating the details of your project to the enterprise. Introducing a project to the enterprise as a whole is a common occurrence as companies seek to provide transparency and collaboration throughout their organizations. Prior unsuccessful presentations have failed to present technological solutions and concentrated on the business value, leading to drawn-out Q&A sessions and making the CIO extremely unhappy.

Your sponsor has requested that you create a PowerPoint slideshow with extensive speaker notes included. The sponsor will be the first to present the slide show during the companywide quarterly meeting. The sponsor will only have 15 minutes to talk and answer questions and has requested that no more than 10 slides be used in the final presentation.

Through this presentation, provide a clear message as to why the company is spending the funds and resources to complete your project. Inform the enterprise of the changes that will be made during project implementation and how different departments may be impacted. In addition, your enterprise is a highly technologically savvy group that enjoys seeing technical diagrams representing changes in topography and architecture that will occur in all proposed projects. The CIO expects to see at least one context diagram of what changes are being made to infrastructure at the enterprise level within the presentation.

Please Use the Rubric attachment to complete the work


Course Code Class Code Assignment Title Total Points
ITT-455 ITT-455-O500 Benchmark – Proposal Presentation 120.0
Criteria Percentage Unsatisfactory (0.00%) Less than Satisfactory (65.00%) Satisfactory (75.00%) Good (85.00%) Excellent (100.00%) Comments Points Earned
Content 100.0%
Presentation (C 5.2) 20.0% Some parts of the written proposal are missing. No technical diagrams are used. Some parts of the written proposal are missing and/or the technical diagrams do not support the talking points. Each section of the written proposal is mentioned. Technical diagrams are used appropriately to support the talking points. N/A Each section of the written proposal is mentioned. Technical diagrams are used throughout in a detailed manner, enhancing the talking points.
Speaker Notes 20.0% No speaker notes are used. Limited speaker notes were used. Speaker notes included targeting the creator of the presentation not a third party. Few sections of the speaker notes are occasionally vague. A professional tone is maintained. Speaker notes included targeting the creator of the presentation not a third party. Speaker notes are complete. A professional tone is maintained. Speaker notes included targeting the creator of the presentation not a third party. Speaker notes are clear and complete. A professional tone is maintained. Potentially anyone familiar with the project could present the content by using speaker notes.
Visual Appeal and Aesthetic Quality 35.0% Design is cluttered. Materials detract from the content or the purpose of presentation is low quality. There are few or no graphic elements. No variation in layout or typography is evident. Design detracts from purpose. Text and visuals are too simplistic, cluttered, and busy. Little or no creativity or inventiveness is present. Color is garish or typographic variations are overused and legibility suffers. Design is fairly clean, with a few exceptions. Materials add to, not detract from, the presentation. Materials used re quality products and easy to see or hear. Minimal use of graphic elements is evident. Elements do not consistently contribute to the understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships. Design is appropriate and integrates a variety of objects, charts, and graphs to amplify the message. Thematic graphic elements are used but not always in context. Visual connections mostly contribute to the understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships. Differences in type size or color are used well and consistently. Design is clean. Skillful handling of text and visuals creates a distinctive and effective presentation. Overall, effective and functional audio, text, or visuals are evident. Appropriate and thematic graphic elements are used to make visual connections that contribute to the understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships. Differences in type size or color are used well and consistently.
Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, language use) 5.0% Surface errors are pervasive enough that they impede communication of meaning. Inappropriate word choice and/or sentence construction are used. Frequent and repetitive mechanical errors distract the reader. Inconsistencies in language choice (register) and/or word choice are present. Sentence structure is correct but not varied. Some mechanical errors or typos are present, but are not overly distracting to the reader. Correct and varied sentence structure and audience-appropriate language are employed. Prose is largely free of mechanical errors, although a few may be present. The writer uses a variety of effective sentence structures and figures of speech. Writer is clearly in command of standard, written, academic English.
Timing and Length 20.0% Presentation did not adhere to time limits. Inappropriate number of slides (fewer than 8) Presentation is no more than 3 minutes outside of time limits or has an inappropriate number of slides (8-9). Presentation is closer to the 10-minute mark and has an appropriate number of slides (10). Presentation is within time limits 10-15 minute mark and has an appropriate number of slides (10). Presentation is closer to the 15-minute mark and has an appropriate number of slides (10).
Total Weightage 100%


Running Head: Curveball


Letter to the Sponsor

Dear sponsor, I have received your concerns and requests you made for the change of the project proposal I previously submitted to you. I am pleased to have you as my sponsor in this project and I hope the outcome of the project will benefit the targeted audiences. I am writing this e-mail to express my opinions on it. As suggested by you, I have processes to apply for a decrease in the total budget by 15%, and the project duration will be 25%. This means that the project would be reduced from $300,000 to a total budget of $255,000 and the duration will be reduced from one month to a duration of 21 days. I hope this reduction will result in a positive outcome and the section of the proposal at the final stage. In addition to this, I have also considered and understood the significance of having a security specialist who would serve as an expert taking care of all security-based processes at the data center.

He/she would be responsible for the organization's computer system-related security, ensuring the organization's data is secured and also protecting against cyber incidences. The recruitment of the data center specialist would add to the total cost of the project by approximately 10%, but this budget increase would be compensated by the cost that was reduced from the project, hence fund is being saved for that. This 10% would also cover any other cost that would be required to be made to the data security specialist. Moreover, the skills of the specialist would be an added value to the project by making it more technical and would be one of the best practices to enhance the success and avoid struggles.

A cloud solution would be more feasible for this project compared to a cloud solution. Some of the factors I considered while evaluating whether the application is suitable are redundancy, the application's ability to migrate, cost, performance, and security. Cloud services are by far more cost-effective since there is no capital or time required to set up and run, unlike on-site managed data centers can consume thousands of dollars per year. The cloud solution is better than an on-site managed data center because it's more flexible, reliable, and more secure. Cloud solutions are better compared to on-site managed data centers because there is no need of maintaining and updating computer servers and systems which allows the user to invest his/her money, time, and other resources on other vital practices that can enhance the productivity of the company. In data centers, if you purchase hardware, you are forced to invest in advance even if you will not utilize the full capacity of the hardware. In the cloud, you will be billed per your use. So expenditure on computing is optimum with the usage.

Below is an attached data center migration final project proposal that incorporates all the changes that you requested before submitting it to the board for review and approval.

Thank you for your help and feedback.

Final Project Proposal


Problem Statement

Keeping communities involved and customers pleased ensures a project’s initial success. As a result, our project necessitates a significant time and energy investment to understand and maintain engagement with our target audience. We need to design strategies that will provide our brand with a competitive advantage to better serve our audience and expand into new areas. The major focus is on long-term management, which includes creating our brand’s long-term assets, fostering long-term consumer loyalty, and increasing shareholder long-term value. Organic growth due to invention is another important aspect, with the balance coming via licensing, collaborations, and acquisitions. Newmarket R&D centers create goods based on local knowledge. This proposal discusses how to navigate through to have a successful project.

Proposed solution

1. Keeping the 4p’s in a reasonable range

The marketing strategy, which includes the 4Ps (product, pricing, location, and

Promotion) is among the most widely used marketing principles. Our strategies are going to be based on clustering 4P’s marketing strategy.

4P’s Marketing Strategy.





· Brand

· Discount

· market

· Advertisement

· Services

· Offer price

· Channel

· Publicity

· Packaging

· Credit policy

· Distribution

· Sales promotion

Four pillars of commercial marketing. The marketing strategy is an important part of creating a social marketing strategy. The strategic communication mix is predicated on the commercial marketing strategy.

2. Application of Technology

Due to mass advancement in technology, we will include technology and its application in the project. This will help the organization to remain competitive in the global market.

a. Connect with People

Among the most appealing aspects of technology is the opportunity to interact and connect with others at any time. In the United States, more individuals are gravitating toward using technology for connectedness.

b. Improve Market Strategy

Technology is an excellent way to communicate with consumers and staff. Even working remotely is a hot topic these days. Coming to current technology, delivering email campaigns and newsletters to certain clients may help a firm expand over time.

c. Take advantage of social media as a tool.

Increase the project’s commercial potential by promoting and advertising it online. It’s also a good idea to set up an online customer experience that can assist clients with any questions they may have.

3. Capital

Before the request for changes, our initial budget was supposed to be $300,000. In this budgeting, we recognized and grouped the 4P’s s into clusters (as seen in the picture) so that the marketing team would have an easier time distributing resources and also determining how we can allocate the capital. We discovered that service marketing differs from products marketing in that services are intangible, perishable, have a human component, and are utilized concurrently with their production. The marketing strategy does not fully serve the conditions surrounding a service experience since the personal contact with the consumer and the quality of the service are equally as essential as the things supplied. However, after the sponsor's request to reduce the budget by 15%, we will be allocating $255,000 for the budget. This amount would be allocated to the project’s segments.

Project Duration

Initially, the duration for the completion of this project was one month, but we have reduced it to 25%. This means that we will require 21 days for the project to be completed. Even though reducing the duration of a project is a challenging task, it will impact the project positively because indirect costs would be reduced. We know that project length is one of the main reasons why many organizations and companies fail to meet their original budget. Shortening the critical path (duration) will ensure the budget has been fully utilized without impacting the outcome.

Data Center Security Specialist Cost

Security specialists are vital because they take the responsibility for computer-related security by ensuring the data is secured and by ensuring the systems are projected against cyber incidences. Hiring a data center security specialist and holding him/her liable, offers the company a supplemental sense of security as a better understanding of their data protection and management is conducted internally. 10% of the budget would be allocated to recruit and maintain center specialists. This budget increase would be compensated by the cost that was reduced from the initial budget of the project. This 10% would also cover any other cost that would be required to be made to the data security specialist.

Seven DC Migration Domains

Competitive Advantage

In terms of worldwide marketing strategy, we'll stay ahead of the curve and build a robust distribution network. Since its start, the organization has built a reputation for remarkable achievements and performance. To establish the reputation and outstanding our accomplishments and productivity, we shall develop our brand through different actions such as launching campaigns, sponsorships, and presenting our CSR initiatives.

Data Centre Migration Plan

Product strategy– Our portfolio will include a diverse variety of items that will be sold under numerous names.

Price Strategy

We’ll have a well-thought-out pricing strategy. Our brand will keep its pricing within the range of the consumer price index. It is a pricing index used in the United States that takes into account the price of things that customers can afford. The corporation is also conscious of its social responsibilities, and as a result, it has collaborated closely with the government.

Four Phases of Data Center Migration to the Cloud

APPENDICES: How to Develop a Marketing Strategy - Business 2 Community

Marketing Strategy

The 4 Ps of Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide (With Examples)

innovation Application of Technology


Andreasen, A.R. (1994), "Social marketing: Its definition and domain", Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Vol. 13 No. 1, pp. 108-114, doi: 10.2307/30000176.

Andreasen, A.R. (2002), “Marketing social marketing in the social change marketplace”, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Vol. 21 No. 1, pp. 3-13, doi: 10.1509/jppm.

French, J. and Blair-Stevens, C. (2006), ‘Social Marketing National Benchmark Criteria, National Social Marketing Centre: UK

Lahtinen, V., Dietrich, T., & Rundle-Thiele, S. (2020). Long live the marketing mix. Testing the effectiveness of the commercial marketing mix in a social marketing context. Journal of Social Marketing.

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