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Yourposition on this issue is your thesis statement. You may use any of the three appeals to make your arguments stronger.Yo

Yourposition on this issue is your thesis statement. You may use any of the three appeals to make your arguments stronger.You will develop your own research question regarding this topic.


  1. Use the library, government websites ending in .gov, and books to find your research resources. There should be at least 4 sources to support your argument. You can also use any of the articles from last weeks assignment.  You may find more sources if you use the search everything feature on the libraries website or go straight to Opposing Viewpoints. After obtaining the required sources, you may use other sources; however, Wikipedia and blogs are not acceptable. The documentary we watched is Seeds of Death and can be used as a source. The director is Gary Null. In text cite: (Null)


  1. Keep your audience in mind. Your research question will help you locate sources for your argument. Your answer to the question is your thesis statement. Examples: (RQ.) Are GMOs detrimental to the health of Americans. (TS). GMOs have a detrimental effect on the health of Americans by contributing to the following:.

Example 1: Are GMOs detrimentalto the health of Americans?

Example 2: Should GMO foodsbe labeled?

Example 3: Does fast foodlead to poor health?

Example 4: Should fast foodbe heavily taxed to compensate for the health issues  

                   of its consumers




  This paper must be 4 full pages in length (not including the works cited page).  Correct grammar must be used.

  An additional citation (works cited) page must be attached (follow MLAguidelines. Use the Purdue Owl website and Chapter 12 of your textbook for helpwith MLA citation format.

  Paper must be typewritten (use Word) double-spaced using Times New Roman12 point font as well as other MLA formatting guidelines

 Support any argumentsyou present in your papers with quotes or paraphrases from your sources andmake sure to use the correct citation format. (MLA style)

  Although you are supporting your argument with quotes, the majority of the argument should be your own.  Be careful not toplagiarize. If you paraphrase orsummarize source material, it must be cited in the paper and on the works citedpage

  MLA format must be used; be sure to refer to the Purdue Owl website forformatting quotations and in-text citations.

  Do not use contractions

  Your similarity score should beunder 21%


Develop your thesisstatementThis is your position or claim (basisof your argument)

Thisis where your subject, purpose and focus all come together in a controllingidea.

        Aclearly stated thesis conveys your main idea (your argument).

        Athesis statement is an explicit declaration (usually in 1 sentence) of the mainidea.

        Itwill convey a single idea, clearly focused and specifically stated.

        Itcan be thought of as a central idea phrased in the form of an assertion.

        Itis a claim-it indicates what you claim to be true, interesting or valuable

about your topic

Seeds of Deathcitation:

Null, Gary, Director.Seeds of Death.Gary Null and Richard Polonetsky, Writers, Cinema Arts Centre and Gary NullProductions, 2012. Accessed 3 August 2020.


Use Knightcite to format your citation for the articles.


Example for article:


Ullian, Jessica.”Frankenfood: Monstrous or Misunderstood.” BU Today, 5Apr. 2007,


Reminder: Do not usecontractions in this essay


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